What packaging do you use?
At the moment, everything except the stickers is recyclable or compostable. The current stickers I use are old stock and I will be replacing these in time.

The delivery box is just cardboard and can be reused or recycled as normal.
The “plastic” packaging the items are sealed in, is actually cellulose. It’s plant based which means that it’s completely biodegradable and will start to compost in home compost bins within a couple of months. If you don’t have a compost bin, don’t worry; it will biodegrade even in landfill, give off more energy than it’s plastic alternative if incinerated, and will even biodegrade (without any harmful byproducts being produced) in the sea.

Why can’t I buy direct from your website?
At the moment I also work full time alongside my bakery. This means that I have to balance my number of orders around my job and home life too. By asking you to make a request, I can reply to everyone individually and arrange your order, payment, and delivery based on when it’s convenient for us both.

Over time this will likely change, and purchasing through my website is something I fully intend to do once I can work out the right balance!

How do I pay?
Once you order is confirmed, I’ll send you a link via email or SMS which will take you to a secure SumUp page where you can pay online. I use SumUp at markets to take card payments and have a card reader, and recently they’ve launched being able to take payments remotely with lower fees per transaction than some other providers.

Are all your products vegan?
I have been vegan since 2014, although I started baking many years before that. It took me a couple of years to get back into the swing of it and work out new vegan recipes but there’s no looking back now!
As such, I couldn’t imagine baking using non-vegan ingredients. Don’t worry though, they taste even better than anything I ever made before!

Do you cater for allergies?
Short answer: I can try!
Long answer: As it is a home bakery, from a home with only vegans living in it (pets excluded but I don’t even keep their food in the kitchen!), everything is always egg and dairy free at a minimum. However I use ingredients like Oreos or Bournville, which have a cross contamination warning.
Please discuss any allergies or intolerances with me when placing an order. I will do my best to cater to you, but there are nuts kept in the kitchen and occasionally used in my baking. My equipment has been used for other recipes that do, or may contain, allergens so I can very rarely guarantee anything will be completely free from traces of allergens.

Do you do weddings or parties?
I do take bookings for events.
I can do a cookie platter, flapjack tower, wedding cake, or a hundred cupcakes! Just drop me a message and we can discuss your requirements.

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